Evolink.cloud is a powerful high-performance cloud platform based on VMware, Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems solutions.

Evolink.cloud provides cost effective, scalable and reliable solutions for IT infrastructure for rent. Unlike many other providers of cloud services Evolink provides and guarantees the performance of all critical elements of the cloud ecosystem:

  • Data center;
  • Network;
  • Cloud Infrastructure;
  • 24x7 Support.

Illustration of the logical architecture of Evolink.cloud

Evolink.cloud platform

Evolink.cloud platform focuses on security, productivity and flexibility:

Security guaranteed by:

  • Physical access control in Evolink Data Center;
  • IP level protection with complex firewall solutions provided by Cisco Systems;
  • Redundant blade servers; redundant SAN storage arrays, fully redundant network connectivity;
  • Features provided by VMware for automatic migration of resources between separate hardware components.

Productivity guaranteed by:

  • Strict policy for providing simultaneous in/out operations to the storage arrays;
  • Highest class hardware platform by Hewlett Packard;
  • Nx10Gbps network connectivity.

Flexibility guaranteed by:

  • Possibility to install any type of OS;
  • Providing complex virtual server and platform configurations;
  • Short term for implementing additional resources on request;
  • Dedicated Internet access at requested by the customer speed;
  • Connectivity to the corporate network or virtual/physical connection to any telecommunication operator in Bulgaria or abroad.